Lately it seems like I am gravitating towards photographing scenes with a lot of lines as apposed to portraits which I used to love. This is probably my favorite from the past few months.
I love the red entrance way and the fact that the garage has grass growing on top of it. Very odd. I really like the contrast between the dark wood garage to the metal and glass house.


An Old Volvo

Not much to say about this besides I love old Volvos.
This was taken on a walk in a neighborhood I had never walked through with some beautiful houses. Ill be posting more later on!CU-9010

On average 1,000 people each year have required treatment for firework injuries

No one was hurt in this accidental ground explosion(which made it awesome)
I was just attempting to get a photo of the car on the left of the frame with some interesting lighting and the firework exploded in the pipe launcher.
It was terrifying and hilarious once we found out everyone was okay!fireworks-8664



Another from the test roll.
I really wanted to develop this roll the night I took this picture so I was desperately looking around the house for anything to take a picture of. This was the last shot on the roll before I ran to the bathroom to turn the lights out and start the process.


I’ve recently got back into shooting black and white film. I currently don’t have a scanner so please excuse the terrible quality.  I used an old flatbed that doesn’t do the film justice.
Here’s the best that dinosaur of a scanner could do.
Shot on Tri-x 400 in D-76 developer.