“What a stereotypical small town thing to see” I thought while I took the photo of this hoop down an alley a few roads down from where I live. I love it though, it reminds me of childhood, and running around with a chill in the air that I would now call “freezing”. No matter how cliche that is I do not really care. What I would not do to go back to the time where my brother and I were playing 2 on 1 against the older neighbor kid. We would lose all the time but it was still fun. Now as an adult if  you fail or “lose” no matter how small or big it can ruin a day, week or month instead of then you just laugh at it.021717-5


Japan House in Champaign-Urbana, IL

If you live in the Champaign-Urbana area, which you probably dont, and you have never been to the Japan House you are just simply failing. The park has tons of small hills(for central Illinois), a walking bridge, a zen garden, and plenty of flowers in the warmer months. It is a fantastic place to go and relax or as I did on this day, take stupid pictures with friends. Sometimes you just have to be dumb and not care that people are glaring at you for laughing to loud or being obnoxious in public.


2001 Camaro LS1

When your best friend has a bad ass car what else are you supposed to do besides burnouts at every stop light in town? Take bad ass pictures of it of course. It is basically stock except for the fact it has a huge cam in it, an ear piercingly loud exhaust and a new transmission since the stock one couldn’t handle the power of the v8 with the huge cam. This car can boot, scoot and boogie and pull you back in the seat like you’re strapped to a damn rocket.021717-4021717-3


Lately it seems like I am gravitating towards photographing scenes with a lot of lines as apposed to portraits which I used to love. This is probably my favorite from the past few months.
I love the red entrance way and the fact that the garage has grass growing on top of it. Very odd. I really like the contrast between the dark wood garage to the metal and glass house.

On average 1,000 people each year have required treatment for firework injuries

No one was hurt in this accidental ground explosion(which made it awesome)
I was just attempting to get a photo of the car on the left of the frame with some interesting lighting and the firework exploded in the pipe launcher.
It was terrifying and hilarious once we found out everyone was okay!fireworks-8664