Backdoor Graffiti

Here is another instance where I am glad I brought my camera with me. I don’t know why I did because I was just going out for a single drink with a friend who flew in to visit family and friends and it was 9pm and under 30F outside. So I wasn’t going to go out for a walk or anything so why did I bring it? I am not entirely sure but here is the image I got because I last second grabbed my camera.

I love night shots like this with interesting lighting but I usually have trouble with taking them because of my cameras capabilities in low light. It is way below sub-par but my ancient Nikon D80 was just capable enough and the scene was just bright enough to hand hold the camera, which I was excited about.

Anyways, I was driving home and passed a building with some neon lights on the front, okay cool but whatever, but I glimpsed some graffiti in the rear of the building and made a sharp and fast turn up the entrance of this place, which by the creaking and shaking from my car I could tell it did not really like me right now. Well when I got back there I fell in love with the scene. I would have loved to take some portraits or some shots of a car or something instead of just this back corner. Maybe I will go back sometime when its warmer out. “Wait, wouldn’t your car been good enough?” No. Without a doubt no. But I am happy with this shot quite a bit, its simple and busy at the same time. It is not very often I love a picture I take before I even get to edit it.




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