Just thoughts

How do you get yourself to get your camera and out and take more pictures? I seem to get into kicks where all I do for a few weeks is take my camera everywhere then one day I just stop for a month. I wish I could make it a habit to take it everywhere and shoot all the time. The number of times I’ve been somewhere or I have seen a scene I want to photograph and not had my camera is way higher than I would like.

Maybe it’s that my DSLR is to big and bulky and I need something like a Fuji x100 that’s more reasonable or I am just not disciplined enough.


2 thoughts on “Just thoughts

  1. I believe that your feelings about photography are very common. I try to find new places to explore and that give me the energy to take photos. Maybe try a theme for awhile. Following a community garden for a year. Take a class that requires a constant flow of photos while you try different techniques. Sometimes it is just right to sit and enjoy the beauty before you.


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