Tell me about your long term projects!

Artists!!! Tell me about your long term projects!

More and more lately I have been interested in long term projects. Whether it’s a broad subject or very specific! Is your goal to make a book or to show them at a gallery somewhere??

Like one of my recent posts I mention I am tired of Instagram and the mentality that you have to post and be active. When really yo have a bigger impact I think releasing a body or book of work is a much more powerful thing. I am leaning more towards this everyday.


Stole my kids watercolors

My 4 year old and I like doodling and coloring but I stole his watercolors while he was sleeping to paint these doodles I drew the other day. Kind of fun!!!

Not claiming to be good but it was pretty relaxing and therapeutic!!


I recently got interested in shooting with old mid 2000s point and shoot cameras with ccd sensors. I found a Canon sd1100 for $12 and snagged it up. This little camera is actually not to bad. I mean it’s not good and by that I mean it’s awful but in almost all good ways. From the way the shadows fall off fast and highlights blow out way to quick to the color and ease of use. Though the battery dies very fast even when the camera is not on which is slightly annoying. But what it does the best is push me and force me to think about the light and how it’s going to work on a camera that has such awful dynamic range and iso range. Here’s a photo I took a day or two on it.

Tired of Instagram

I am tired of Instagram and not just bored with it but actually tired. From the way it’s designed to look all the way to how it’s designed to make you addicted. Even the fact that it forces you to view photos in such a small format when in reality you should be seeing and holding something much larger.

Likes are the worst.

I have a very unpolished and cluttered website that needs redone from the ground up. Maybe soon. I want a new way to show my photos and not new as in actually new but I want to make prints and zines only. Physical copies of my photos instead of some forgettable Instagram post.