I got yelled at for taking that last picture. I was on public property taking a picture of private property, which is completely legal where I live. She said its no different than me going to the grocery store and taking pictures up women’s skirts…yeah I do not understand either. I even offered to delete them because she was getting a little loud and was threatening me. She just continued to yell at me though.

Have you had an interesting encounters like that?

Backdoor Graffiti

Here is another instance where I am glad I brought my camera with me. I don’t know why I did because I was just going out for a single drink with a friend who flew in to visit family and friends and it was 9pm and under 30F outside. So I wasn’t going to go out for a walk or anything so why did I bring it? I am not entirely sure but here is the image I got because I last second grabbed my camera.

I love night shots like this with interesting lighting but I usually have trouble with taking them because of my cameras capabilities in low light. It is way below sub-par but my ancient Nikon D80 was just capable enough and the scene was just bright enough to hand hold the camera, which I was excited about.

Anyways, I was driving home and passed a building with some neon lights on the front, okay cool but whatever, but I glimpsed some graffiti in the rear of the building and made a sharp and fast turn up the entrance of this place, which by the creaking and shaking from my car I could tell it did not really like me right now. Well when I got back there I fell in love with the scene. I would have loved to take some portraits or some shots of a car or something instead of just this back corner. Maybe I will go back sometime when its warmer out. “Wait, wouldn’t your car been good enough?” No. Without a doubt no. But I am happy with this shot quite a bit, its simple and busy at the same time. It is not very often I love a picture I take before I even get to edit it.



When you are bored and stuck at your Mom’s house and its 30F outside.

That is quite a long title but its exactly why I took this photo. I only took it out of boredom and because I felt the need to get my camera out, even if it is a mediocre shot.
Hopefully I will have some more real and planned out shots very soon. It has been cold again here in Illinois, USA so the outside does not feel as inviting as it did just a few weeks ago.Random_bored_plant_owl-1